Tivoli Villas and Gardens Tour with Private Driver

Discover the splendid Villa Adriana, the fascinating Villa D’Este and the beautiful natural area of Villa Gregoriana in Tivoli

Adriana and Villa d’Este, as well as the striking natural area of Villa Gregoriana. To reach these splendid villas, you can take advantage of the tour organised by Limousine UARA, which will accompany you on this historical and artistic journey in comfortable luxury cars.

The Tivoli tour locations

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Villa Adriana

Our private tour of the villas and gardens of Tivoli begins at Villa Adriana, the residence of the Emperor Hadrian, who commissioned a complex of monuments inspired by the various provinces of the Roman Empire. You will be able to discover the most beautiful places in the complex, walking through the immense park of more than 80 hectares, observing the Roman ruins and discovering baths and sculptures of ancient charm.
Among the most beautiful places to visit are the artificial island, which the emperor wanted as a private annex, and the Canopus, a large pool surrounded by statues.

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Villa D’Este

Let your private chauffeur take you to the second stop on this tour of Tivoli: Villa D’Este. The residence is characterised by its enchanting Italian-style gardens, complete with gushing fountains. This experience offers a play of light and shadow that will take your breath away. Commissioned by the son of Lucrezia Borgia, it was built at the beginning of the Renaissance. You can visit the noble apartment inside the villa and stroll through the gardens, where you will be enchanted by the many fountains, including the most famous: the organ fountain, which plays every two hours.

autista privato Villa Gregoriana

Villa Gregoriana

Your private driver will take you to the Villa Gregoriana, a park that combines human ingenuity with nature. The area was built at the behest of Pope Gregory XVI, who, in order to control the flooding of the Aniene River, diverted its course and created the Cascata Grande, the second largest waterfall in Italy after the Marmore Falls. The park, created in later times, has been a tourist destination for many artists who have always appreciated its tranquillity and beauty.