Chauffeur-driven car hire agency of Rome for safe and comfortable travel in top-class vehicles

Limousine UARA is your chauffeur-driven car hire agency offering transfer services in high quality private cars driven by experienced and professional chauffeurs. The chauffeur-driven car hire agency is a cooperative, active since 1981, committed to satisfying every mobility requirement in the city and beyond. Our network of collaborators extends throughout Italy, offering the best transfer for every type of client, from tourists to VIP professionals.

Among the various services we offer, we have particular expertise in long-distance travel, taking you from one city to another in Italy. With the city-to-city transfer, you will have the certainty of arriving at your destination on time, with a private driver who respects the speed limits, dressed elegantly and ready to meet all your requirements for comfort, refinement and professionalism.

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Private tours with and without a guide to discover
the beauty of Italy

We offer a wide and varied range of private tours to help you discover the beauty of Italy. Many visitors rely on the chauffeurs and guides of our chauffeur-driven car hire agency to dive into the history of Imperial Rome, experience the excitement of Renaissance cities such as Florence and Venice, savour the delights of Mediterranean cuisine, visit the most beautiful beaches or indulge in shopping at the best outlets.

You can choose between two booking options to join our exclusive private tours.

Choose your destination and decide whether you would like a private chauffeur-driven transfer only in the city of your choice: the driver will be happy to describe the most beautiful areas, sights and monuments to visit and recommend authentic street restaurants. Alternatively, if you want the best tourist experience, you can choose to be accompanied by a chauffeur and a certified tour guide.

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