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  • Frascati
  • Nemi
  • Castel Gandolfo


A symbol of the Roman Castles, Frascati gives has a dominant and prestigious position over Rome.

Frascati Limousine Uara

Rich in natural areas, parks, archaeological sites. A wonderful belvedere gives stunning views of the Capital of Italy when the sky is clear. Frascati also hosts international events such as the European Night of Research, the Science Week, the Mozart International Piano Competition and the National Prize for Poetry.
Artisans workshops on Frascati Promenade, host stalls selling everything from clothing to souvenirs to local food will be there during the summer nights.



Awarded with the prestigious Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club,  Nemi is a unique district, a terrace on a green area and the dense blue of the volcanic Lake carrying the same name. With Lake Albano, Nemi defines the contours of the Roman Castles. Famous for the production of strawberries and a well-known tourist center in Lazio.


Castel Gandolfo 

Castel Gandolfo Limousine Uara


Castel Gandolfo is known for the Pope’s summer residence. Many other summer residences villas built from the XVII Century can be spotted in the area. The city leans over the Albano Lake, the Italian deepest volcanic lake. Destination of many tourists in the summer and winter as its “lakefront” is rich in bars, restaurants and many other attractions.

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