Prato Limousine Transfer Service

Our Limousine Transfer Service can be used by both individuals and groups, from / to Fiumicino Airport, Civitavecchia Port and Rome city center, without excluding from and to any other destination.

Top 5 destinations in Prato:

  1. Prato Cathedral (Cattedrale di San Stefano) – This beautiful cathedral dates back to the 12th century and is dedicated to Saint Stephen. It features a stunning facade and interior, with beautiful frescoes and artwork.

  2. Textile Museum (Museo del Tessuto) – This museum is dedicated to the history of textile production in Prato, which has been a center for textile manufacturing for centuries. The museum features a vast collection of textiles and machinery, and is a great place to learn about the city’s industrial history.

  3. Castello dell’Imperatore – This imposing castle was built in the 13th century by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II and is perched on a hill overlooking the city. It offers stunning views of the city and the surrounding countryside.

  4. Santa Maria delle Carceri – This beautiful Renaissance church was built in the 15th century and features stunning artwork and architecture. It’s a great place to admire some beautiful frescoes and sculptures.

  5. Piazza del Duomo – This beautiful square is the heart of Prato and is surrounded by some of the city’s most important buildings and landmarks, including the cathedral and the bishop’s palace. It’s a great place to relax and soak up the atmosphere of the city.

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Limousine transfer service in Prato
Limousine transfer service in Prato