Bologna Limousine Transfer Service

Our Limousine Transfer Service can be used by both individuals and groups, from / to Fiumicino Airport, Civitavecchia Port and Rome city center, without excluding from and to any other destination.

Top 5 destinations in Bologna:

  1. Piazza Maggiore: This historic square is the heart of Bologna and home to some of the city’s most important landmarks, including the Basilica di San Petronio, the Palazzo dei Notai, and the Palazzo d’Accursio.

  2. The Two Towers: Bologna is known for its many medieval towers, but the Torre degli Asinelli and Torre Garisenda are the most famous. Visitors can climb the Torre degli Asinelli for panoramic views of the city.

  3. Archiginnasio of Bologna: This historic building was once the main building of the University of Bologna and is now a museum. Visitors can admire the beautiful architecture and the historic anatomy theater.

  4. Mercato di Mezzo: This covered market is located in the heart of Bologna and is a popular destination for foodies. Visitors can sample local specialties, including mortadella, tortellini, and parmigiano reggiano.

  5. Santuario di Madonna di San Luca: This beautiful basilica is located on a hill overlooking the city and is a popular destination for pilgrims. Visitors can climb the 300-step portico for stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

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Limousine transfer service in Bologna
Limousine transfer service in Bologna