The 2017-18 Symphonic Season of the Accademia of Santa Cecilia

The 2017-18 symphonic season of the Accademia of Santa Cecilia is having a great success. The Accademia of Santa Cecilia is an International Academy joined by hundreds of Italians and foreign musicians.

The famous Orchestra and Choir are among the mostly acclaimed in the world. The new symphonic season, introduced in October 2017, will keep performing until June16th 2018.

The setting could not be better as concerts and events are taking place in the magical and evocative atmosphere of the Auditorium Parco della Musica. Once again this year, the Accademia of Santa Cecilia has chosen to rely on  U.A.R.A.’s Limousine Service to provide a comfortable and smooth passage for musicians and artists, confident to find an impeccable and professional service.

Flotta Limousine U.A.R.A.: Mercedes Classe E

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