Created by Roma Capitale Cultural Growth DepartmentRomarama is the phase 3 project in Rome and its narration through a single container that allows you to discover events and activities from summer to winter. The new identity was conceived by the illustrator Chiara Fazi for Zètema. It is a neologism that takes up the suffix –orama [from gr. ὅραμα / veduta] used in a few compound words, coined on the panorama pattern, until the appearance in the 1950s of cinerama which allows images very similar to the perception of the human eye with peripheral vision.

Therefore, it references to the meaning of the suffix but also to the challenge of seeking with a wider gaze, what unites the individual to the community, the ways for a rebirth founded on change, trust in the future of our country, as also happened in war. The pay off – the art that moves the city – is inspired by the song by Lucio Dalla The evening of Miracles dedicated to Rome: the city moves, together with the squares, the gardens and the people in the bars. Romarama thus speaks of a broad vision of Rome and of a community that resumes moving, after the lockdown, and returns to living in common spaces, though with physical distancing and quota, however together.

The evening of the Miracles came out in September 1980, 40 years ago, and is a celebration of our city, of Nicolini’s Roman Summers, as Dalla himself said 43 years ago. In 1977 the Roman Summer was born to restore public spaces to the Romans, removed from the tension in the squares, through cultural participation. The schedule of this 2020 has a similar goal, to give back the public spaces and the courage to do it together, to our city community and tourists who want to join us. Rome will be one of the few Italian cities to maintain the summer, autumn and winter programming and to create new events and activities to allow the many Romans who, especially in the summertime, will remain in the city to live their public spaces.

The Capitoline Administration worked on outdoor spaces and their use: Romarama in the summer of 2020 will decline through four main poles such as the Auditorium Parco della Musica, the outdoor space of the Teatro India, the Parks with activities and projects for the summer call for bids, the square of MAXXI.

Here are some of the events on the big billboard which, in future periodic communications, will be deepened and constantly updated.


The great confirmations of Romarama’s schedule range from the reopening in July of the Silvano Toti Globe Theater directed by Gigi Proietti in Villa Borghese to the return of Davide Enia, one of the artists of the Teatro Argentina who, on July 26, will bring his work “May ’43” back on stage . The summer season of the Rome Opera House is also back, this year hosted in the new set of the Circus Maximus. The Rome Film Festival returns from 15 to 25 October, led by Antonio Monda, which will animate both the Auditorium Parco della Musica and many cinemas in the city and from September to November 2020 the 35th edition of the Romaeuropa Festival, directed by Fabrizio Grifasi and chaired by Monique Veaute, with dance, theater, music, new circus, digital arts and creations for children. Romarama’s schedule continues with the reopening of the Macro with the Museum for Preventive Imagination – EDITORIAL, the large exhibition with 50 works, many of which have never been seen before, will open with the artistic direction of Luca Lo Pinto from 17 July to 27 September. In autumn, the museum in via Nizza will present new special projects in a crescendo until December 3, when the museum for the Preventive Imagination will officially start, the exhibition program that will develop until the end of 2022.

MAXXIthe National Museum of 21st Century Arts, has also joined the new Romarama program. Summer takes place at MAXXI from 1st to 30th July with events dedicated to cinema, books and theater. The program will resume from 10 September to 14 October. Among the forthcoming exhibitions, a significant new installation of the Collection with senzamargine. Passages in Italian art at the turn of the millennium (from 1 October 2020).

After the summer the great exhibition The Torlonia Marbles will also be inaugurated. Collecting Masterpieces in the new exhibition space of the Capitoline Museums, Villa Caffarelli, promoted by Roma Capitale, Cultural Department of the Capitoline Superintendency and by the Special Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of Rome in collaboration with the Torlonia Foundation curated by Salvatore Settis and Carlo Gasparri. The big return to Palazzo delle Esposizioni of the Quadriennale is scheduled for the last week of October, this year curated by the artistic director Sarah Cosulich with the curator Stefano Collicelli Cagol. Among the great confirmations also La Festa di Roma 2021, curated by Francesca Macrì and Claudia Sorace, promoted by Roma Capitale with the support of the technical table of the cultural institutions of Rome and organized by Zètema, this year will be dedicated to the theme of the Future.

The Tor Bella Monaca Theater has reopened and will carry out a summer program until August 3. In collaboration with Roma Sinfonietta on June 20 the show Premonition with Peppe Servillo, followed by two more appointments La Commedia all’Italiana tribute to Age and Scarpelli and a concert of Sacred Music. The LOVES COMEDIES cinema festival with appointments from June to September. The appointments with the prose start again on 10 July with the show Gaia in fast and playful in the world with Stefania Ventura, followed by Ago Capitan courageous with Ariele Vincenti. After a short summer break, we start again in September and in October with Roberto Ciufoli again with The man Jesus and Alessandro Benvenuti with Who is on stage.

Also the Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo will carry out raids of live activities in the Neighborhood and in the Alessandrino Park, such as the Laboratorio Amleto Workshop curated by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti at the Fuori Programma international dance festival curated by Valentina Marini.


From 16 to 25 August, the Macro museum leaves its canonical spaces with TRACCE, an exhibition by Lawrence Weiner, created by Luca Lo Pinto, which will take place in the sky, on the stretch of coast between Ladispoli and Anzio, allowing thousands of people to participate in a unique collective experience. For the MACRO, the great master has thought of a work that will be shown through a series of aerial banners, and which, drawing on an artist’s book created in 1970 by Germano Celant, also contains a memory of the curator’s figure recently disappeared. The Teatro di Roma will offer an extraordinary program of shows, between July and August, with admissions on quota to the Argentina Theater and open-air performances at the India Theater: the summer season opens on July 2 at the Argentina Theater with a preview entrusted to the reciting voice of Massimo Popolizio in the SHADOWS show concert. The lost memories of Chet Baker, whose notes will be returned by the trumpet player Fabrizio Bosso and the piano by Julian Oliver Mazzariello. The return of a great season in the open spaces of the India Theater, a stage will be set up that will allow the return on stage of some productions and hospitality of the theatrical season interrupted by the pandemic emergency: such as the choreographic creation of Alessandro Sciarroni with Turning, an exploration of the migratory movements of animals, translated into the work at the tip of classical dance (9 and 10 July) and the jukebox-human in flesh and voice Monica Demuru who gives life to the sound materials collected between Rome, Prato and Cagliari for the site only -specific Jukebox of Encyclopédie de la Parole. Among the projects for the little ones Marta Gilmore with WONDERLAND in the Kingdom of the Queen of Hearts, fall and return: 5 workshop days, between theater and music, for children and teenagers (from 30 June to 5 July). The programming is also accompanied by the resumption of summer collaborations, such as that with the Public Domain and Off-Program, in compliance with the security measures but also with the changed feeling. After the digital ubiquity of Radio India, the companies of the Indian Ocean will begin to spray the theater in attendance with a new version of the radio project, Cronache Fluviali from 3 July.

Some news also for the return of the concerts in the outdoor Cavea of ​​the Auditorium Parco della Musica: after the announced Max Gazzè scheduled for 2, 3 and 4 July, Diodato, Alex Britti and Daniele Silvestri also the Latte e i suoi Derivati on 5 July, among the news Le Vibrazioni on 12 July, the Orchestraccia on 14, Irene Grandi on 22 July, Beatbox on 28 August and Mogol on 31 August. Great news for the Cavea the season of the Academy of Santa Cecilia: from 9 July to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, the Academy is dedicating 5 concerts to the genius of Bonn in the Cavea of ​​the Auditorium Parco della Musica.

News also for the exhibitions: from 9 September to 12 December Back to nature – contemporary art at Villa Borghese project of the Capitoline Superintendency for Cultural Heritage, in concert with the Department of Cultural Growth of Roma Capitale, for the enhancement of the historical parks of Rome . The aim is to offer a visual and emotional experience that arises from spectacular works, also thematically unrelated to each other, which manage to compete with the monumental dimensions of the vegetation and the spaces available. Among the artists involved Mario Merz, Edoardo Tresoldi, Mimmo Paladino and Grazia Toderi. The initiative will involve the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, the Casa del Cinema, Palaexpo, the Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Music.

Great news for photography, the Roma Collection, curated by Francesco Zizola who, in an exhibition scheduled for mid-October at the Mattatoio, another place with Macro and Palazzo delle Esposizioni on which the Special Company Palaexpo is developing a program dedicated to the contemporary, offers visions artistic works of our territory interpreted by five international photographers: Sarah Moon, Nadav Kander, Alex Majoli, Martin Kollar, Tommaso Protti.

Among the novelties for 2021/22 there is the “Museum of the outskirts of Tor Bella Monaca” which arises from the collaboration between Rome Capital Assessorship for Cultural Growth, the Municipality of Rome VI and the Special Company Palaexpo, with the care of Giorgio de Finis . The idea is to give life to the “Museum of the outskirts of Tor Bella Monaca” as an international study center of the urban suburbs, in the broader context of the analysis of the urban phenomenon on a global scale. The project concerns the establishment of a specialized library, a video library, a permanent collection, some residences for artists and research projects, exhibitions, publications, lectio magistralis and meetings. During 2020, 2 new wall paintings will be created at Block R8 and the street art project already started in Largo Ferruccio Menganoni will be completed. In addition, some monthly meetings open at the Melissa Bassi school and a presentation event of the project will be launched at the Tor Bella Monaca Theater. The building where the museum will be located does not currently exist and will arise following an agreement between private entrepreneurs and the town hall. Entrepreneurs are bound to complete one of the three buildings under construction to donate it to the Town Hall which, in fact, will use it for the museum (it is a public work to be completed and therefore to be carried out by the private individual). Meanwhile, there are a number of spaces both indoors and outdoors that can be used for the activities of the museum itself.

From 1 to 3 October the MACRO will present the work carried out as leader by Rome together with 22 cities, 15 networks, 47 contributors to draw up the Rome 2020 Charter, presented in its first draft to 100 mayors of world capitals and to the United Nations in May. At the beginning of October the Charter will be presented in its enlarged version. These three days will take place simultaneously and in a coordinated manner at the ASVIS Festival which, in turn, will have a direct link with the United Nations General Assembly scheduled for the end of September (

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