Rome 86° CSIO – Piazza di Siena 2018

The 2018 edition of the CSIO (Concours Saut International Officiel) in Rome is the number 86, but the great bond that exists between Piazza di Siena non ha ospitato il tradizionale appuntamento solo due volte: nel 1960, anno in cui, dato che doveva divenire palcoscenico della prova individuale dei Giochi Olimpici di Roma, lo CSIO è … Read more

The 2017-18 Symphonic Season of the Accademia of Santa Cecilia

The 2017-18 symphonic season of the Accademia of Santa Cecilia is having a great success. The Accademia of Santa Cecilia is an International Academy joined by hundreds of Italians and foreign musicians. The famous Orchestra and Choir are among the mostly acclaimed in the world. The new symphonic season, introduced in October 2017, will keep … Read more

Presidential Delegations

delegazioni ambasciate Limousine Uara

Limousine U.A.R.A has been offering high representative services for years providing the Presidential Delegations, Embassies and related Security with a reliable and top quality service. The fleet of Limousine U.A.R.A remains available to the customer for every need offering maximum professionalism. With the experience acquired, Drivers are able to manage events with discretion and seriousness. … Read more

Best Italy Tours in 2018

amalfi coast Limousine Uara

A recently released survey from Travel Leaders Group found that among luxury travel agents, Italy leads the way in top destinations for affluent travelers in 2018, followed by Mediterranean cruises, the United States, and Ireland. Following the recent report, Travel Agent spoke with several tour operators about the latest Italy itineraries scheduled to debut in … Read more